Tendon Damage in Your Hand? Better Call a Plastic Surgeon

Clinician writing medical reportIt may not be your first thought, but if you have tendon damage in your hand, one of your best options for recovery and repair might be a plastic surgeon.

If you’re experiencing tendon pain that isn’t able to heal through rest and rehabilitation, it might be time to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Here’s what you need to know about plastic surgery and tendon damage.

What Is Tendon Damage?

To understand tendon damage and how hand tendon repair surgery can help, you first have to understand tendons. You have tendons throughout your entire body connecting muscle to bone. The anatomy of the hand contains finger flexors, finger extensors and thumb tendons.

Tendons in the hand can be injured by trauma, time or illness, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Tendon damage is mostly due to the continual wear and tear of repetitive motions. However, there are instances of sudden tendon injury. In the case of tendon overuse, tiny tears happen over time, eventually leading to significant injury, though it may seem like it happened suddenly.

How Can a Plastic Surgeon Help?

When a tendon is injured so badly that it can’t heal itself, it could require hand tendon repair surgery to regain function and relieve pain. A qualified plastic surgeon with experience in tendon repair can help to rebuild torn and damaged tendons and have you feeling like yourself again.

If you’re suffering with tendon damage, don’t rule out a plastic surgeon. It’s not all tummy tucks and mommy makeovers. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Francesco Campanile, a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, to see if hand tendon repair surgery is right for you.


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Tendon Damage in Your Hand? Better Call a Plastic Surgeon
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Tendon Damage in Your Hand? Better Call a Plastic Surgeon
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