So You Sprained Your Wrist. What Should You Do Now?

Photo of a medical professional bandaging a women's wrist.

Sometimes a wrist sprain is just a simple sprain. Give it rest and time and it will heal just fine. Other times, however, a sprain is less straight forward and could require a hand and wrist plastic surgeon to restore its full function. But after a fall or just years of wear and tear that causes a sprain, what should you do?

Start with an Exam

The first and most important thing to do after you feel wrist pain is to have it examined by your doctor to determine exactly what it is. To check for a sprain, your doctor will examine how your wrist is moving and what pain you’re feeling when it does. They may take x-rays to rule out broken bones or other damage.

Explore Your Wrist Sprain Options

If a wrist sprain doesn’t heal with time and rest, you will need to explore other methods of healing, like plastic surgery.

Sometimes a sprain needs additional medical intervention to heal and restore function. A plastic surgeon who specialized in hand and wrist surgery can use several methods to help you regain function in your wrist. Arthroscopic repair or surgical reconstruction can help rebuild the damaged ligament. In some cases, a tendon transfer or graft can be used to help restore function.

So, don’t sit on a sprain. See your doctor to determine exactly what’s going on and, if you need help healing, consider finding a hand and wrist plastic surgeon in Denver, like Dr. Francesco Campanile, who is qualified to help you regain wrist function.


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So You Sprained Your Wrist. What Should You Do Now?
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So You Sprained Your Wrist. What Should You Do Now?
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