Is Surgery the Only Treatment Option for Carpal Tunnel?

Close up of person's hands typing on the computerCarpal tunnel syndrome can feel like an impossible condition to treat. Pain, numbness and tingling can seem to permeate every part of your day. How can you just not use your hands? Thankfully, there are treatment options, including carpal tunnel plastic surgery. Here’s what carpal tunnel syndrome is and how you can find the best treatment plan for you.

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a real pain. The condition can cause numbness, pain, tingling and weakness in the hand, fingers and arm, making everyday activities difficult and painful. These symptoms are caused when pressure is put on the median nerve in the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be linked to fluid retention, injury to the nerve, rheumatoid arthritis or, more commonly, overuse and repetitive motion.

Nonsurgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

If your carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by an underlying condition, like arthritis, it can be best to treat that with medication.

Plastic surgery is not your only option to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Campanile may recommend rest, icing the area or wearing a splint. Modifying your activity could also help provide some relief.

Carpal Tunnel Plastic Surgery

Another option for treatment is carpal tunnel plastic surgery. If your symptoms are persistent, this might be your best option to help avoid permanent damage. Carpal tunnel plastic surgery severs the transverse carpal ligament to reduce pressure on the median nerve. This can be done either endoscopically or with an open approach and is coupled with post-op rehabilitation to help you maintain a range of motion.


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Is Surgery the Only Treatment Option for Carpal Tunnel?
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Is Surgery the Only Treatment Option for Carpal Tunnel?
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