Is There a Connection between Arthritis and the Weather?

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If you suffer from arthritis or other joint-related conditions, it might seem like your pain and stiffness worsen with certain changes in the weather. As it turns out, this is a common phenomenon among lots of men and women with arthritis. These three factors are the top contributors to joint pain that comes and goes with [...]

Could Your Texting Game Leave You with Carpal Tunnel?

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People of all ages are now relying on their smartphones and other handheld devices more than ever. One of the biggest concerns about this techy trend, however, is whether this constant use of tablets and smartphones could increase the incidence of hand and wrist conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. What the Latest Research Says about [...]

3 Common Causes of Hand Pain & How a Plastic Surgeon Can Help

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Chronic hand pain can get in the way of your ability to perform everyday activities and could keep you from enjoying the hobbies and activities you used to love. Take a look at some of the most common causes of hand pain and what treatment options are available to help you get back to fully enjoying [...]

Should You See a Plastic Surgeon for Hand Problems?

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Injuries and conditions of the hands and wrists can be especially frustrating, since we use our hands to do so many things every day. Millions of people suffer from hand issues, ranging in severity from uncomfortable to debilitating. Many problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, hand and wrist fractures and repetitive strain injuries can be [...]

4 Ways to Avoid Hand Injuries & Reduce Pain

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From repetitive injuries caused by playing sports to work-related aches and pains, there are a lot of reasons people seek hand pain treatment options. Surgery can provide relief for people with hand and wrist fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries and conditions that affect the hands. For many other people, some simple prevention can go [...]

Is Your Smartphone Causing Your Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

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These days it’s hard to imagine life without our smartphones, which keep our schedules, allow us to communicate, store our photos and music, manage our social media lives and more. But have you ever thought that your cell phone could hurt you? Here’s a look at how more and more people are experiencing cubital tunnel syndrome [...]

Is It Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Being a practicing surgeon in the Information Age is really a mixed blessing. On the one hand, patients are more informed than ever, sometimes to the point of having heard about new treatments even before I have. On the other, an equal number of patients attempt self-diagnosis, often incorrectly, based on unreliable Internet sources. This seems [...]