Can Hand Rejuvenation Help You Look Younger?

hand rejuvenationWe’re all familiar with the usual cosmetic surgery procedures that help us look younger. Facelifts, BOTOX® and chemical peels can all be effective at turning back the clock. However, there’s another area of our body that isn’t typically considered for cosmetic enhancement, but can still give away our true age: our hands!

Aging Hands

Our hands get more use than most of our other body parts, and are just as susceptible to the aging process as our drooping eyelids or wrinkling skin. Damage from the sun can cause darkened “age” spots on the surface, and the loss of fatty tissue over time can give our hands a thin and bony appearance. For folks wanting to look the age that they feel inside, these factors can be an unfortunate giveaway to how many candles are actually on our birthday cake.

Hand Rejuvenation

For those of us interested in a way to cosmetically boost the appearance of our hands, the solution comes in the form of hand rejuvenation therapy. This involves a variety of treatments used to increase the visual appeal of our hands, including:

  • Injectable fillers to decrease the visibility of tendons and bones and to restore your hands to a full and youthful shape, usually in the form of fat or collagen
  • Chemical peels and laser surfacing to treat darkened blemishes on the skin’s surface
  • Sclerotherapy injections to reduce visibility of superficial veins
  • Microdermabrasion to smooth and polish the surface layer of skin

While not everyone will need all of these treatments to restore their image, speaking with a skilled hand surgeon to determine which options are best for you is a good first step to restoring your hands to the firm and smooth appearance you enjoyed in your youth.

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Can Hand Rejuvenation Therapy Help You Look Younger?
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Can Hand Rejuvenation Therapy Help You Look Younger?
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