A Closer Look at Gel Treatment for Arthritis

arthritis gelAs with any chronic disease that still doesn’t have a cure, effective treatments for arthritis are constantly being developed and tested. One of the latest of these is a gel that’s rubbed into the skin over the affected joint. Currently available only in Britain under the brand name FLEXISEQ™, could this be the next revolution in arthritis treatment, or is it just the latest in a long line of similar products with limited effectiveness?

The Science behind Arthritis Gel
One of the selling points of the new arthritis gel is that it’s entirely drug-free. The water-based topical treatment contains millions of phospholipids. Applied transdermally, these fat droplets eventually permeate through the dermal layers to the joint itself, coating the degraded cartilage. The idea is that the external phospholipids serve as replacement lubrication, facilitating improved range of motion and decreasing existing inflammation by reducing friction.

Because of the drug-free nature of the gel, the safety profile is encouraging. However, more testing is necessary before it joins the ranks of mainstream treatments. Currently, other options like NSAIDS and corticosteroid injections are not ideal for long-term use; a viable alternative would be welcome. Yet, arthritis centers are right to remain skeptical of unproven treatments initially. Instead, it’s wise to focus efforts on what we already know to be the most effective approach. At some point, that definition may expand to include FLEXISEQ™ or similar strategies. Until that time, however, always check with your doctor before trying any new treatment, even if it’s over the counter and especially if it seems too good to be true.

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Is Gel Treatment Viable for Arthritis?
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Is Gel Treatment Viable for Arthritis?
A new arthritis treatment may soon be available in the form of gel, but is it reliable? Denver hand surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile explains.
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