4 Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options Your Plastic Surgeon May Try

person with hands openCarpal tunnel is a common condition that affects your hands and wrists. You might notice tingling or numbness in your hands, wrists or fingers, or shooting pains that may even wake you up at night.

Fortunately, there are a number of different carpal tunnel treatment options that your plastic surgeon might suggest, including these nonsurgical and surgical options.

1. Splinting

Before considering carpal tunnel surgery, your plastic surgeon may suggest nonsurgical treatment options. One such option is to wear splints on your wrists to keep them straight and relieve pain. You could try splinting in the evening, since this is usually when symptoms are the worst, or wear them during the day while you type on the computer.

2. Activity Modification

Sometimes, changing the way you move your hands and wrists and help to alleviate and prevent carpal tunnel flare-ups. Avoid placing direct pressure on your wrists by lifting or pushing with your palms flat down at a 90-degree angle. When typing, try to keep your wrists as straight as possible.

Ask your plastic surgeon about wrist stretches and exercises you can do to help you cope with carpal tunnel.

3. Injections

If your carpal tunnel symptoms are caused by arthritis, your plastic surgeon might recommend corticosteroid injections, which may help to provide long-term relief from symptoms.

4. Surgery

If symptoms are chronic and severe, carpal tunnel surgery may be the most effective solution. Sometimes called “carpal tunnel release,” this surgery reduces pressure on your median nerve to alleviate pain, tingling and numbness associated with this common hand condition.


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4 Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options Your Plastic Surgeon May Try
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4 Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options Your Plastic Surgeon May Try
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