3 Ways to Protect Your Hands from Winter’s Icy Grasp

woman wearing mittens in snowWinter is once again here, bringing its annual blast of chilly temps and cold air. Whether you’re winter’s number one fan or someone who’d rather sit the season out, the cool weather will be with us for a few months. If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, wintertime may worsen arthritis symptoms. Fortunately, we’ve got three tips to help.

1. Always Keep Your Hands Warm

To prevent joint stiffness, it’s a good idea to put on gloves or mittens as soon as the mercury dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Mittens with liners may be more effective than gloves, as they keep your fingers together for maximum warmth.

If your hands do get cold, try soaking them in hot water to revive them and increase joint mobility and comfort.

2. Keep Moving

Bonus tip: Never leave home without hand warmers. They can warm up cold hands in an instant and their heat lasts several hours.

Idle hands aren’t necessarily the devil’s playthings, but they can become stiff or painful when you have arthritis in your hands. Even while indoors, it’s important to keep blood flowing to your hands. You can rub your hands together or squeeze a ball to promote circulation in your hands, or even do some light housework.

3. Consider Lotions and Creams

There are more than 25 joints in your hands and wrists, and they all sit close to the skin’s surface. If you experience arthritis in your hands, then a medicated cream may be just what you need. Specially formulated anti-inflammatory creams can be used multiple times a day to help mitigate joint pain.


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3 Ways to Protect Your Hands from Winter’s Icy Grasp
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3 Ways to Protect Your Hands from Winter’s Icy Grasp
Do you have arthritis in your hands? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile of Denver suggests four ways to help arthritic hands this winter.
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