3 Ways Early Arthritis Treatment Makes a Difference

hand pain arthritisAlthough there is not presently a cure for osteoarthritis, there are still a number of very effective treatment options available. The right treatment provides relief from the pain and inflammation associated with this chronic joint disease. However, since arthritis is degenerative and progressive, beginning early arthritis treatment can help in three very important ways.

1. Slows Disease Progression

In a healthy joint, the ends of the bones are cushioned by slippery cartilage, which facilitates joint movement. As arthritis develops, cartilage degeneration interrupts this smooth motion, and the resulting friction causes inflammation and pain in the joint. Early arthritis treatment helps slow this process, especially in combination with other steps to improve joint health.

2. Limits Further Joint Damage

As arthritis progresses, the cartilage continues to degrade. Internal joint friction increases, increasing damage to the affected joint or joints while worsening pain and inflammation. With early intervention to help slow the disease’s advancement, joint damage is more limited than if the disease were allowed to simply run its course.

3. Improves Quality of Life

It’s hard to feel positive about getting up in the morning when even the simple act of rolling out of bed can be painful. Your mood isn’t likely to improve if daily tasks or hobbies you once loved—like cooking, gardening or playing golf—become impossible to enjoy without discomfort. Seeking help from an arthritis center early on improves your overall quality of life, which is an important priority for anyone living with a chronic health condition such as arthritis.

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3 Ways Early Arthritis Treatment Makes a Difference
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3 Ways Early Arthritis Treatment Makes a Difference
When it comes to arthritis treatment, Denver hand and wrist surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile explains why earlier is better than later.
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