3 Signs You May Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery

carpal tunnel syndromeCarpal tunnel is a syndrome that is characterized by compression of the median nerve in the wrist, usually causing pain, decreased range of motion and loss of feeling in the hand. While typically managed with non-surgical treatments, there are certain circumstances that might make carpal tunnel surgery a better option for symptom relief.

1. Symptoms Haven’t Responded to Non-Surgical Therapies

As surgery is typically considered a last resort, non-surgical therapies will usually be tried first to see if symptoms can be improved. These treatments may include:

  • Lifestyle changes, including avoiding activities that irritate the condition or wearing a wrist brace
  • Physical therapy to improve range of motion
  • Medication to relieve pain or inflammation

If these treatments prove to be ineffective, surgery on the wrist may be a viable treatment option.

2. Loss of Feeling or Coordination

Losing the feeling in your fingers, thumb or hand is a common symptom of carpal tunnel that may indicate the need for surgery. Other more serious symptoms include losing strength in your thumb and difficulty performing activities of daily living. While mild forms of these symptoms often occur in carpal tunnel patients, severe pain and loss of feeling may indicate nerve damage that requires surgery to correct.

3. Damage to Median Nerve

The median nerve is the large nerve that runs the length of your arm and through your wrist, ending in the hand. It’s primarily responsible for providing motion and feeling in your thumb and first few fingers. If your carpal tunnel syndrome causes damage to this nerve, loss of hand function will likely occur. The safety of the median nerve is one of the biggest reasons that carpal tunnel surgery may be considered.

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3 Signs You May Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery
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3 Signs You May Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Dr. Francesco Campanile discusses the possible signs and recurring symptoms that may indicate a need for carpal tunnel surgery for patients in the Denver area.
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