3 Pro Tips to Rest Easier after Hand or Wrist Surgery

Woman grocery shopping, placing an apple in her hand basket.Recovery after hand or wrist surgery can be a bit of challenge, considering we use our hands for so many different things that we may not even realize.

But there are some things you can do to prepare for your recovery and make things easier on yourself. Start with these three tips for after hand surgery.

1. Prep Meals Beforehand

Cooking and meal prep will be difficult after hand or wrist surgery, so try to get grocery shopping and cooking out of the way before your procedure. Prepare big batches of healthy meals and pop them in the freezer. While you recover after hand surgery, all you have to do is put them in the microwave and you’ve got a nearly instant home-cooked meal.

Healthy eating after any surgical procedure can help your body heal efficiently.

2. Stock up on Straws

Holding a glass or mug up might be hard after your procedure, so make sure you have straws in the house to help you out. Staying hydrated is an important step in any recovery process.

3. Arrange for Extra Help

Having an extra pair of hands around the house for the first few days after hand or wrist surgery can be a huge help, especially if you have kids or pets in your care. If possible, arrange for a family member, neighbor or close friend to help you out until you’re able to perform normal daily tasks.

The amount of time you might need some extra help will vary based on the type of procedure you had. Discuss your recovery timeline with your plastic surgeon so you know what to expect.


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3 Pro Tips to Rest Easier after Hand or Wrist Surgery
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3 Pro Tips to Rest Easier after Hand or Wrist Surgery
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