Your First Visit

At Campanile Plastic Surgery, our commitment to care begins with your first visit to our practice. Our helpful staff will answer any questions you may have and review your new patient paperwork. It helps if you have your paperwork completed prior to your first visit to our office. These forms are available on our Patient Resources page.

Because we believe in creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, we will schedule plenty of time for you to meet with hand surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile so that you can get all of your questions answered. Your first visit will include a review of your complete medical history, as well as an examination and discussion of your particular condition and a suggested care plan. Recommended treatment will depend on many factors, and Dr. Campanile is careful to develop a specific plan for each patient’s needs.


HandRoom2Our Tabletop X-Ray

For your convenience, our office offers a state-of-the-art tabletop x-ray machine to assist in diagnosing your condition if needed. During your appointment, this machine not only displays your x-rays immediately on our digital screen, but can also display your hand, wrist, and joint motion in real time. This tool allows Dr. Campanile to make crucial diagnostics of bony abnormalities, and can also help him locate possible damage to ligamentous structures, making your assessment very convenient and comprehensive.

Surgery and Follow Up

If surgery for your condition is recommended, we will review the next steps and discuss surgical dates with you following your consultation with Dr. Campanile. You will also receive more information on planning for surgery and what to expect following your procedure. You are free to schedule surgery at the time of your visit or to consider your options and get back in touch with us once you have made a decision.

We welcome you to Campanile Plastic Surgery. Our goal is simple: to provide you with the highest quality hand and wrist surgical care in Denver, Colorado. We look forward to your visit with us.